Prefolds Ecourse: Part 1- What is a prefold?

Starting with this blog, the Cloth Nappy Doctor will be presenting an extensive amount of information on prefolds and flat cloth nappies. What is a prefold?

So lets get started with prefolds.

Whenever the word prefold is mentioned in relation to cloth nappies, majority of new or old parents respond with, “What is that?”

Most assume the old terry toweling or some clinical contraption for baby’s bottom. Well I am here to dispel these misconceptions and show you that prefolds are your friend as your main cloth nappy, emergency stash, budget friendly and for many other uses.

So this will be a 4-part introduction to Prefolds 101.

Part 1: Definitions and materials
Part 2: Folds
Part 3: Apikali packages and brand reviews
Part 4: Tips, tricks and other uses.

Definition: Prefolds are a square or rectangle piece of fabric which is divided into three section. The middle section generally has an extra layer of boosting.

Folding: Prefolds are folded in different ways to suit baby absorbency needs and age. Prefolds can be folded so that a Snappi is required. Or they can be folded in 3 and placed in side a cover.

Prefold with a Snappi

Covering: Prefolds can be covered with a OSFM cover, sized cover, PUL/Minky cover, fleece cover or a wool cover.

Apikali Wool Soaker

Materials: Cotton, organic cotton or bamboo materials are available. Bamboo is your most absorbent, and can also be boosted with microfibre or another bamboo booster. Organic cotton is very environmentally friendly in production methods and will cost a little more for this, but you will have peace of mind. Cotton prefolds are the good old staple! They have not changed, they are very robust and can take whatever is dished out to them.

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Care: Like all cloth nappies, wash prefolds in a cloth nappy safe laundry product. Hang to dry in the sun or tumble dry on low. Their absorbency will also increase with each wash, and after 5-8 washed they will then be at maximum.

You can also get Indian cotton prefolds, which require boiling. These are very cheap, but I am reluctant to advocate the use of boiling water with young children.

So what have we learnt from this first lesson about prefolds? They are NOT as scary as we first thought, they are extremely budget friendly and you have the advantage of finding really groovy and fun covers for them.

Next Part 2: Folds

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