Water Saving Tips for the Home

We shared in our Cloth Nappy Chats that we ran out of water in October 15. Our home is connected to three big, concrete tanks that hold approx 90,000L of water. We capture our water off our roof during storms.
Being in subtropical Australia, means majority of our rain comes during the summer months. So our water saving strategies are implemented primarily over our Winter.
The response to sharing our lack of water with our community, sparked alot of discussion via email about ways to save water. Here are the best suggestions that were shared with us:
– To rinse cloth nappies, save water from the bath tub, and rinse in this water during the day. Maybe use a big plastic tub instead of the bath to wash baby. Empty onto the garden at the end of the day.
– Use an old ice cream container to individually rinse cloth nappies.
– Dont use soap in the toddlers bath, so that you can recycle the bath water onto the garden in the drier months.
– Boil the kettle for hot water to do the dishes instead of waiting for it to arrive from the hot water system.
– Install a rainwater tank for use with the bathroom/laundry appliances.
– If allowed, install a rainwater tank for drinking water.
– Use a timer to keep showers under control.
– Minimise the use of the dishwasher by only putting on full loads through with cutlery, cups and plates. Hand-wash pots etc at the end of the day.
– Only put the washing machine on when it is full, and choose the eco setting when possible.
One mum shared with us that she was able to reduce her water usage to 114 L per day during the drought years in Brisbane. At this time, families were only allowed 140 L per person per day by the Council. I will be enjoying a cuppa with this mum, as I find that very inspirational. I will share my new tips in another blog for you.
Where I live, we are expecting another dry summer. We had to buy water in, for the first time in 6 years, when we ran out in October. Im implementing more strategies over Summer, to ensure we can conserve our water for the Winter months. Its a fine line. I will let you know how I go. Currently we have one tank that is 3/4 full.
Please share your tips below for saving water, wherever you live!

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