The Vege Patch Adventure: Filling the other beds

Its now time to fill the other raised garden beds. Its time.

The bean seedlings are sprouting.
I am busting to plant more veges with my boys.
I would like to do it cheaper than buying premade soil.
I am reading a book called The Little Vege Patch Co by Capomolla and Pember.
They have a layer no-dig apple crate method for raised vege patch. I liked the idea of the contents of the soil…
Slow release fertiliser
Mushroom compost
Lucerne hay
Mushroom compost
Wool castings.
no dig raised garden bed
The two beds we were able to fill have been sitting for about 2 weeks. They are well watered, feel crumbly and smell delicious.
Next is to plant our bean seedlings!

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