The Vege Patch Adventure: Filling the first bed.

Our next step in continuing the Vegetable Patch Adventure is filling a raised bed with soil…ready for some planting.

adding the soil in our vegetable patch adventureBefore we started this, the boys and I had placed some seeds in pots. The seedlings were an old stash from the shed. From my days, 4 years ago, when I was dreaming of starting. Many of the seeds were out of date, but we decided to just give them a go.
Now the seedlings are getting bigger, they need to be planted out.
In comes the lovely, organic, black and rich soil. Yes I get a bit excited about soil. 
To get started, like the raised beds, we bought pre made soil for vege patches. James grab a big trailor load. The boys helped fill the wheelburrows.
We put a layer or straw at the bottom for aeration and to assist water flow, as our raised beds are sitting on clay soil.
Wheelburrow after wheelburrow of black, rich soil was added to one raised bed.
Its beautiful. It smells earthy. It feels crumbly. Im happy.
Next is to plant those seedlings.

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