The Vege Patch Adventure: Building the Beds

It was Mothers Day and we decided to build the vege patch raised beds. I researched different ways to do it, including…

the no building method, 
old pallets, 
re purposed railway sleepers, 
corrugated metal, 
piles of dirt,
old fridges and freezers.
I looked at everything from an eco perspective, reusing angle and a cost saving avenue. But also we had to look at easy of use, longevity, ease to construct and time saving.
We ended up using sustain-ably harvested pine planks treated for outdoors and bolts to secure
building raised garden beds
– they came precut
– only required big holes for the bolts to hold them together
– we could cut to size
– we only had to place the frame place
– it was economical
– it was easy and time saving.
And it also looks nicer. 
building raised vegetable patch beds
My biggest lesson learnt from this exercise was no matter how eco I would like to be, its just not possible to always be recycling and repurposing if I want to make a start on a big eco project with our family constraints.
The end result…we have a huge area to plant our vegetable garden. Where will we start?

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