Using OSFM Cloth Nappies for Newborns

You can cloth nappy a newborn baby from day one with OSFM nappies. From what I can see there are 3 different types of OSFM cloth nappy designs. We will present them below and show you a video about how to use them.

1) Fold down the back.
Through this method the rise at the back is shortened, and any bulk is at the back. Imse Vimse Contour nappies are one example.

2) Fold down the front.

Through this method, the front flap is turned over and there are snaps on the inside to fasten for a newborn. In this instance, the bulk is in the front on the waist area. The Mother-ease OSFM cloth nappy is an example or in this video Cushie Tushies.


3) Snap down the front.
Majority of OSFM nappies these days are snap down the front to the smallest setting for a newborn. For this setting, you do not need all of inserts. Ensure you fold up the excess fabric to prevent leakage. Baby Bare are one example of a snap through the front for newborns.
So you can cloth nappy from birth with a OSFM nappy. Just choose the style that suits you, and as always just ask us for assistance at Apikali.
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