Unexpected Visitors

Over the past few weeks as we move from Summer to Winter we have had quite a few visitors at the Apikali Warehouse. At times they have scared us or made us excite by visiting.

living on land animal visitors

No matter what arrives, the boys are spell bound.
Ducks are a personal favourite. They are tame and waddle funny. The boys imitate and watch intently.
The moth made its home in Ali’s wardrobe for 2 days. Then fluttered around the house. It was not shy and happy to be watched, yelled at and followed around for days. James finally coaxed it outside on day 4.
Now snakes, are always scary, but we are learning the difference between Brown snakes and Green Tree snakes. They are a normal occurrence at the boys schools. This year we have had 2 welcome themselves to our back porch. Thankfully they have been Green Tree snakes, non poisonous to humans.
Right now we have lots of ducks and ducklings. They waddle to our dam and make a home. For the time we have been here, I have never been able to grab a great photo. But I will keep trying.
What is the strangest visitor at your place? Comment below.

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