Underwater Theme: made in a hurry with love and excitement.

Visualise a humid hot Summer day in Queensland, but its raining really heavy. Three boys who want to go out and jump in muddy puddles, because Peppa Pig did that morning. Add to this a mum who is just a little tired from being a single parents for 2 days and the needs of my beautiful girl. They are then advised they cannot go out and jump in Muddy Puddles. There is some disappointment, but more a sense of loss as they had such plans to emulate Peppa Pig and George, her brother.

My darling Dan, remembers a underwater theme we did about 4 years ago for him in the fish tank. It was quite elaborate and fun, with shells, lovely handmade fish and squids. I panic. I dont want to say no, again to an idea they came up with. But I dont have the ability to monitor 3 little boys around a big tank of water. The thought of possible accidents was too much to bear. So we compromised.
Here is our wonderful and engaging underwater theme play time. Its done at a moments notice with the resources we had at hand. The boys were able to design their own crabs and jelly fish. Enjoy.
How to make dishcloth jellyfish.
1. Take dischcloth or any material, and cut strips halfway up to represent tentacles.
2. Place a cable tie about one quarter way down the dishcloth and tighten. Carely not to strangle the jelly fish.
Tip: Allow your child to choose the colour of the cable tie.
underwater theme play
How to make a scour crab.
1. Place 4 holes along each side of scour.
2. Add 6 cable ties to the bottom 3 holes on each side. These are the legs.
3. Add different coloured cable ties to the top holes and attach pegs as the snippers.
Tip: Allow kids to choose colour of the pegs.
underwater theme play
How to make underwater theme
1. Set up near a warm location.
2. Place down LOTS of towels on the floor. Find containers that will hold water and are safe for little people.
3. Add water.
4. Add Dishcloth Jellyfish and Scour Crab.
5. Use imagination.
underwater theme play
After about 3 hours the boys were wet, tired and had added alot of other toys and played a range of underwater themed scenarios based upon the Octonauts.
The lesson I learnt from this very un-Pinterest activity, was that the boys loved that I made the ‘toys’ for them and that we worked together to find a solution that involved water.
Tennille, a mum to 3 boys
Please note: Adults must make scour crab and dishcloth jellyfish as sharp objects are involved. Supervise children under 18 years around open containers of water.

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