top 5 reasons why i love being a carer to Abbey

Being Abbeys mum is hardwork and at times, sad. Being her carer is a mode I like going into for the following top 5 reasons…

abbey caring for her
1) I only need to concentrate on the moment. As her mum I have to think about the future and fill in paper work.
2) I can dress her in anything, even the most beautiful dresses.
3) Deeper connection. I only need to concentrate on her.
4) Every day is different. I never know what I am in for. Never. It keeps me on my toes AND in the moment.
5) The cuddles and the kisses. No more to say there.
Why do I separate the roles? Because the carer role requires me to make decisions I would not make as a mum. But there are some definite benefits to this mode.
As you can guess, the two roles are not easily separated. For me it helps me separate the emotional need from the practical need. As her carer, I only need to worry about her joy in that moment. As her mum, I worry about her future, its so emotional.
What is your top moment with your kids?

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