Newborn Cloth Nappies: AMA with the Cloth Nappy Doctor

Learn about newborn cloth nappies from the Cloth Nappy Doctor. Do you need them? Are they worth the investment? Tennille looks at newborn nappy styles from flats, prefolds to the very convenient all in one style. Watch and learn with … Read more...

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Learn why one size cloth nappies are so popular

The Cloth Nappy Doctor discusses why one size cloth nappies are so popular. Brands demonstrated include:
Baby Beehinds
Funky Fluff

Any and ALL competitions are all finished if chatted about in the videos.

Join us: …

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Newborn Nappies: Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she goes through all you need to know to get started with newborn nappies. Learn about the different styles of newborn nappies and which may be just right for you.

Contents…

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