Summer Lovin’: Using wool covers in the summertime

Wearing wool in the summertime seems like the last thing you would do, let alone subject your precious little one to. “Won’t that be hot and uncomfortable for them?” I can hear you ask.

Actually, the answer is no. And whilst I am not advocating bundling up your baby in a woollen jumper (definitely not), as a nappy cover it is the perfect material. Just consider the properties of wool (Merino wool is most common for wool covers)

  • It’s breathable to prevent clamminess and heat rash. It is fantastic for those hot, humid days in northern Australia or those dry & sweaty days in Southern Australia.
  • It’s warm and cool, it reacts to your body temperature to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Perfect. If wool carpet or ceiling insulation is so perfect for controlling the extremes inside your home, think what it can do for the inside of a nappy!
  • It absorbs odours
  • It absorbs 30-40% of its weight in liquid and when lanolised correctly IT WILL HOLD IT. This means fewer layers on bub’s tush.
  • It is easily and very effectively washed in the washing machine on a normal cycle with other nappies. Check manufacturers’ instructions to be absolutely sure. But we know Baby Beehinds wool cover can go in the wash.
  • You don’t have to wash them every single day – only if it becomes soiled or odour lingers. You really only need 2 in your stash, although having 3 makes better sense.
  • They are really easy to maintain with a little lanolin. With the advancement in lanolising methods and products available, it’s really easy to find a method that works for you.
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Now think of those PUL covers and compare them to what wool can offer:

  • They are breathable, but not nearly as much as wool.
  • They are plastic or synthetic, so can be uncomfortable and can cause more sweating and irritation. Put yourself in baby’s shoes (so to speak). In summer, don’t you remove all those clothes made from synthetic materials and opt for cottons or natural materials that breathe? I know I do in the Queensland humidity. And don’t we also dress our kids down to barely anything to help keep them cool?
  • They can’t absorb liquid. They just act as a barrier to prevent leaks.

·   More are required than wool covers to meet the same needs.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of wool covers and how the natural properties of wool can make your child as comfortable as, or more so, than if they wear synthetic alternatives. Our 3yo boy wears a wool cover at night all year round, but come summer he spends more time in wool than PUL for the midday sleeps and that occasional accident.

Baby Beehinds wool covers are made from Merino Wool, and are stretchy to accommodate flats, prefolds and fitted nappies underneath.  If you haven’t tried them already, give them a go. They are a magnificent addition to your nappy routine, extremely easy to prepare, maintain and clean, and you may well see your baby benefiting from the natural goodness of wool.

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And that, ladies & gentlemen, is what I mean by Summer Lovin’!

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