how to store wool soakers or covers

How to Store Wool Covers or Soakers

how to store wool coversThe use of wool covers is becoming more popular as the beauty of cloth nappies is rediscovered. Let me show you how to store wool covers or soakers. It is very easy. Follow these simple steps for success.

Clean your wool soakers ready for storage. Ensure they are bone dry. They should not feel damp before storage.

We dont recommend storing your wool soakers in airtight containers as this can result in mould, mildew or some lovely concoctions developing over time. Its important to prepare an environment that allows breath-ability, airflow and no extreme temperatures.

Ways to store wool soakers

Store your wool soakers in cotton bags like cotton pillowcases. Use two to ensure a lovely environment and secure with ribbon or twine.
You can add acid-free tissue paper to shoe boxes. Don’t add your wool covers straight to the cardboard, as moths love plant based products. Storing in acid free tissue paper will assist in repelling the moths.
Or wrap the wool soakers in acid free paper and then newspaper.

Where to store your wool soakers

Store your wool soakers…
– in a clothes drawer
– your linen cupboard
– a cool dry place
– not in humid or damp areas

If you are storing your wool covers for a long period of time, i.e. longer than 6 months, we suggest coming back and checking every 3 to 6 months to ensure the conditions are correct, there are no moths present and you can make any tweaks necessary. Pop a note in your diary to help you remember and keep those wool covers gorgeous.

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Our goal is to keep those wool covers in top conditions ready for the next little tush they need to cover.

Can you add any suggestions to our list of storing wool soaker/pants?

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