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I recently interviewed Eva from Oz Baby Trends, one of our amazing and dedicated suppliers to Apikali. I had the privilege of telling a story, not a serious of questions and answers. A story of my inner thoughts about my biz relationship with Eva. Post this interview, Eva asked if I would be an affiliate for her new biz adventure, a Mother Coach, of sorts. I have seen the affiliate idea before, and to be honest I was a bit scared by the thought. Uncomfortable about being a part of it. So I put it off, and did the Perth PBC Expo and came back to find that my discomfort was not about what Eva had to offer, but my own thoughts on being a mother.

At its deepest core, being a mother to me, is doing it  by yourself, being a martyr, not complaining and NEVER asking for help. Pretending life is perfect and simple. Now my rational self knows this is a complete falsehood. This belief is so deeply entrenched in me, that I face it everyday with guns blazing but with more compassion for myself.
So once I combated my “Martyr Self”, I decided to join Eva. And I want to share with you why I have chosen to. Firstly and to be completely upfront, yes, being an affiliate will provide me with another source of income, if you decide to join Evas Course through Apikali. Apikali is here to raise income to provide for Abbeys’ future needs through sharing my journey… from studying environmental economics, to being a carer and mother with a terrible green thumb, but a great passion for loving our Earth. We are more than a store, a person or a philosophy. We are here to share and help where we can.
Second, I am explaining to you why, as we believe in transparency and honesty at Apikali. We don’t stock some of the biggest brands in Australia as we don’t believe they live up to, one of my favourite saying, ‘bang for your buck’. So as this is my first Affiliate adventure, I believe in what Eva has to say, and her views on Motherhood and Family sit with me beautifully. I will never offer an Affiliate program to you I do not believe in or you could benefit from.
And lastly, Trudy and Sally (part of our Apikali Team) have experienced the beauty Eva had to offer previously, through an eco home course. I have also watched her Cloth Nappy course, and learnt something new, how to make a nappy from a tshirt!
So if you are struggling with clutter, too much stuff, missed appointments, mounting messes? I hear you!!
Let me suggest changing all of that to peace-filled, intentional living? Sounds too good to be true?
It isn’t.
My biz friend and owner and Mum of 5, Eva Van Strijp, is leading an amazing 8-week eCourse on how to make Simple Life, Peaceful Home a reality of busy, stressed, exhausted Mums.
Join her and experience the ease, fluidity and clarity that comes from creating a life that’s filled with meaning and not stuff.


In our modern day, access to knowledge that our mothers would pass down can be rare. In my life, its something I struggle with everyday. I have learnt to turn to others with genuine and beautiful intentions, who may be strangers first, but wishing to assist me. They come and go from my life, but they leave an amazing impact, no matter how small or large. Some of these people I pay for their course or advice, or they come by in a moment while waiting in a hospital room. If Eva sings to you, give it a go. Find your inner peace.
Comment below if you have any questions. Or what keeps you up at night.

(Mum, biz owner and carer, and me)

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