The Silicone Jewelry Trend

Silicone jewelry always reminded me of those awful 1980s fat plastic bangles. You know the ones? Or am I showing my age? They were made of hard or soft plastic that wasnt nice to touch. It was always smooth and one dull colour.

Since starting Apikali, I have discovered the amazing range of silicone jewelry. The styles, shapes, colours and more importantly, the beauty. They are easy to put with an outfit, even if you are not nursing or have a teething toddler.
jellystone jewelry
 I have seen women who have allergies to metals wear them. They are great for eco living because if you have to rush out and save your plants from the mud, then putting your jewelry in the dishwasher is a real time saver and peace of mind.
The jewelry is also fabulous for special needs. A fashion statement with some practical benefits for sensory or chewing trend setters. Our Abbey has a range of bracelets and necklaces to match outfits. I even have a small range for my boys when we have to go out for long periods. It also gives them a play thing.
silicone jewelry
So if you are a fashion trendsetter, or a practical mum or you just deserve a treat, then have a look at silicone jewelry. There are so many more uses and they are a statement piece.
What do you have in your jewelry box?

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