Seedling Baby Pocket Cloth Nappy Review: Peace of mind

Mandy agreed to review the Seedling Baby pocket cloth nappy when we asked for volunteers in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group.

This is Mandy review of the Seedling Baby pocket cloth nappy:

“Pros: Absolutely love the double gussets on this nappy. While my son no longer has those ‘explosions’ it does give me peace of mind and makes me grab this nappy to be my trusted going out nappy. I find it stops any potential compression leaks when my little man is sitting in the pram. Also has back elastic to stop any back leaks too.The inserts for the nappy are SO thirsty. Even after 3hrs they aren’t drenched or heavy feeling like some of my other nappies.

I find the fit really nice as well. I’m usually a velcro gal as I find snaps don’t always sit well on my thin waisted but chubby thighed boy. The Seedling nappy seems to sit so nicely on him. No wing drop.

Lastly I find the prints super cute and boy friendly which is unusual. Generally brands seem to aim their prints more towards girls or extremely gender neutral which can be frustrating for mums of boys like me.

Cons: Well I can only think of one and it really isn’t a big one. It is slightly on the bulky side so outfits need to be thought out (no skinny pants). Not really a con for me but I know some people prefer to stick to trim nappiesĀ ”

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What do you love about the Seedling Baby pocket cloth nappy?

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