Seedling Baby Pocket Cloth Nappy Product Review: Love the double gussets

seedling baby pocket nappy product review

We asked our community in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group to review the Seedling Baby range. Nicole took the time to review the Seedling Baby Pocket Cloth Nappy.

“When I first saw the tag recommending that this nappy would fit a baby between 3.5 and 16kg, my heart initially sank. My son has just turned 2 and is 91cm tall and 15kg so he is a not so average in size. A few of his OSFM nappies are getting just a bit small on him so I doubted it would fit but…. IT DID!! So here are my thoughts….

Likes: They seem to be quite a big make compared to some other OSFM nappy brands. We still have a few snaps left for both waist and legs which means he should get a fair bit more wear out of them. Love the double gussets as it gives extra coverage and less chance of leaks. It has a prefold bamboo insert which is great as it can be customisable for various needs. I received the Australian animal print which is a nice change from the seemingly endless supply of woodland theme nappies that I own. I have a heavy wetter and so far no leaks.

Dislikes: I had difficulty putting the inserts into the pocket. It was a tight squeeze and there seemed to be no room if I needed an extra booster for my heavy wetting boy. Not being used to prefolds, I initially struggled to find what way to fold for maximum absorbency and coverage, though after trial and error I seemed to find a fold I liked. Was a little more bulky than other nappies I own but if they are going to fit him for longer than I am willing to put up with this inconvenience.

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Overall I was happy with this nappy, especially as I know that it has room to grow with my huge toddler! 9/10″


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