Seedling Baby Range: Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she chats about the Seedling Baby range at Apikali. Learn how it compares to Baby Beehinds, Rumparooz and Funky Fluff.


0.40 the range
1.34 Why are they back at Apikali
3.04 Who is Seedling Baby?
4.17 Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor Facebook Group
7.00 Swim nappy
10.43 Sizing the swim nappy for newborn or toddler
11.28 One size comodo wrap
12.11 Using a swim nappy as a cover vs using a cover as a swim nappy.
13.05 Reinforced snaps for additional leakage protection
14.50 Wider groin to accomodate fitted nappies, prefolds and flats.
16.09 Seedling Baby Diversifold inserts
18.49 Pocket one size nappy
20.40 Pocket nappies great for special needs children and adding boosting. Keep the inserts in place.
25.38 What are the pocket inserts?
23.30 Pocket nappy newborn setting
28.11 Pocket nappy larger sizing
28.19 Stuffing with 2 diversifolds!

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