Sage advice from mums if you are having twins

We asked this question the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Group

Can you assist a mum expecting twins?

What are the items, products etc that were absolutely necessary to survive those early weeks?

What is the perfect baby gift you have received? Something you could not do without?

Thanks in advance from a mum with the best news in the world, but embarking upon an unexpected surprise.”

Here is the sage advice that was shared that you may also find useful.

  • One thing I want to pass on to this person even without actually having any experience of being a twin mum is optimism and positivity. I get lots of negative comments from mothers, but NEVER from mother’s of twins. I’d say those who have done it have a more accurate read on how it goes and the profound overwhelming response from those mums to me has been, this is such a blessing and the best experience of their life as a parent.
  • My twin girls are 7 now and although the newborn days are a bit of a blur I can remember loving my breastfeeding pillow so I could comfortably feed them both at the same time, my hug a bub wrap so I could carry both and still have an arm free, Fisher price cradle swings and glider nursing chair. I can’t think of anything else right now. Twins are such a blessing. Very challenging but even more rewarding
  • I don’t have twins but the things I’ve found to be the most useful that I was gifted were swaddles (not muslin wraps but the ones with Velcro) – makes swaddling quick and easy, travel clutch/change mat – I was given a couple at my baby shower and they stay the car – awesome! Baby capsule – so much easier to transfer baby into/out of car – especially if asleep.
    My other tip would be to trust your own instincts – lots of people have advice for you in how you should be parenting – just smile at them and do what you want otherwise you can easily become confused, stressed and worried you are doing things wrong.
    I’d also make up some frozen meals before hand – such a life saver in those first few weeks.
  • My advice is to make sure you have an amazing support network because even if everything goes perfectly once you bring them home it’s going to be hard work. (I’m a twin myself).
  • Twins are so much fun and so exhausting for the first 6-12 months. My boys were babies number 5 and 6
    The best thing was a swing and I reccomend 2 and 2 different. You can swap them for different views and toys when they are little. A good comfortable chair and pillow for feeding.
    Enough clothes to be a day ahead.
    Bath seats so you can do both at once.
    A big bumpa play matt their spew wipes off and saves you washing, they are super soft.
    Precooked meals that are quick and easy reheat.
    Take alot of will not take that many you will be busy so snap away.
    If one wakes to feed wake the other.

    Accept the help..
    If someone asks for something to do get them to run the vac over or do the dishes. If they didn’t want to help they wouldn’t ask.

    The chaos and mess will be there tomorrow put uour feet up.. sleep snuggle those babies because it will go so fast.
    They are harder to start then they get abit eaiser because they always have a play mate. There really is a.special connection with twins.

  • Double gusset PUL nappy covers; and really absorbent bibs with a waterproof back. These have saved me a heap of extra laundry and all those clothes changes! (Bub only wears bibs when supervised, for safety.)

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