Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Nappy Resources

When considering a new brand of cloth nappy, it fabulous to have all of the information and resources in one place to make an informed decision. Let me share with you what I have found to be most informative about the Rumparooz Pocket cloth nappy. This nappy is a one size pocket nappy with 2 super thirsty and dense microfibre inserts. You can always upgrade to a bamboo or hemp insert OR purchase one of these insert in addition to customise your absorbency further. This pocket cloth nappy has 4 rise settings to size the cloth nappy, giving you even great control over the fit on your baby. The patented double gusset provides invaluable leak protection against wet leaks or poo-namis.

Now that you know what is so great about the Rumparooz pocket cloth nappy, check out these other resources.

A brief overview of the pocket cloth nappy

Everything you need to know about the Rumparooz cloth nappy from Julie the owner and inventor!

A couple of videos on how to obtain a great fit.

How to stuff and sort with ease.

If you ever wonder where it all started?

What do you think about the Rumparooz pocket cloth nappy? Is it an option for your stash?

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