Rumparooz One Size Cover Resources

The Rumparooz one size cover is one of the best selling covers at Apikali besides the Bummis Simply Lite OS cover. So I thought it was about time that I brought together all of the resources for you to make a sounds decisions if this cover is perfect for your flats, prefolds for fitted cloth nappies.

Here is a basic overview video on the OS cover.

Many parents wonder about the fit of the Rumparooz cover on different size babies, especially from birth. Here is a sequence of images to show you the fit on a range of babies.

From newborn to toilet training.










On the small rise setting







On the medium rise setting.








On the largest rise setting.








I love the Rumparooz one size cover for its versatility, double gusset and ease of use.And dont forget you can add the Rumparooz inserts to the cover as an easy and contoured trim nappy (dont put microfibre against the skin though). What have you found to be the best feature of this cover?

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