Cloth Nappy Doctor reviews the Baby Bare range

Baby Bare holds a special place in our hearts. We stumbled upon their nappies just months after we first opened in 2012. Their philosophy is to provide parents with a quality, but affordable alternative to cloth nappy their child. We have seen them grown to provide parents with more than just cloth nappies now, their range also includes wetbags, changemats and wipes.
Jenny is the owner of Baby Bare and has a passion for providing really funky and gorgeous products for her girls, Charlotte, Em and Annie. Jenny is a gorgeous lady who we chat to often and work closely to bring you great deals on their all in two cloth nappies. Jenny is a parent like you, solving some of the problems we face as parents.

The Baby Bare range of cloth nappies and accessories span across many styles and materials. It includes a range of cloth nappies in the following styles:

All in one cloth nappy

All in two cloth nappy

Side snapping All in two cloth nappy

Fitted cloth nappy

One size cover

Flat cloth nappy

Newborn cloth nappies


Baby Bare pride themselves on a wide range of print that welcome new designs every 6-9 months. The prints come in their range of nappies but also their extensive range of practical accessories. Their accessories include:

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PUL and minky wetbags

Pail Liners

Nappy liners

Change mats

Bamboo wipes

During an Ask Me Anything, the Cloth Nappy Doctor reviewed the entire range of Baby Bare. Join in as we chat about Baby Bare.

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