seedling baby paddle pant review

Review Seedling Baby Paddle Pants: Worth the money

seedling baby paddle pant review

We asked our community in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group to review the Seedling Baby range. Louise took the time to share her thoughts on the Seedling Baby Paddle Pants.

“Nice and light and flexible straight out of the packet. Easy to get a good fit with the OSFM snaps. Love the bright colours!

Coming out of the water:- didn’t have any number twos to test “catchability” but I have an eBay nappy and it was so non breathable that it would take half the pool with him!

This nappy let out the liquid as he exited the pool and I would assume with the netting interior would easily trap solids.

Easy to wash and pretty much dry straight out of the machine.

Worth the money to get reuseable instead of disposables for sure, especially where I live and being constantly in the water over summer.”

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