Prefolds Ecourse: Part 3 – Prefolds at Apikali

At Apikali, there is a range of prefolds to suit budget, style and needs. No, really we do! Here are the brands we supply to our Apikali customers

  1. Bummis
  2. Grovia
  3. Pikapu


Bummis is a strong and dependable brand of prefold. They are made from 100% organic cotton. Yes very similar to Real Nappies, but these prefolds are environmentally conscience too. Our independent review can be found here in Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds What Apikali Says. Bummis come in a range of sizes and also have award winning covers to choose from. For skinny to chubby thigh babies.

Bummis Prefolds

Bummis Prefolds

Grovia continues to produce quality nappies. Their prefolds are new to their range, and are no exception. Their prefolds are a combination of bamboo and organic cotton. This makes them more absorbent and extra tough. Our independent review can be found here in Grovia Prefolds What Apikali Says. As with all of Grovias nappies, these are priced appropriately for the quality, warranty and product. If you have a heavy wetter or need to top up, these are a great prefold to choose.

Grovia Prefold

Grovia Prefold

Lastly, is Pikapu. The Pikapu prefold is made from microfibre and microfleece. It is excellent at wicking moisture away from a babys bottom (great for babies with sensitive tushies), and can hold up to 400ml. Our independent review can be found in Pikapu Prefold/Night time booster What Apikali Says. These prefolds can be used as newborn with a Snappie or as a lay in prefold for older babies. And dont forget you can also use them as a night time booster.

Pikapu Prefol

At Apikali you will find a range of packages for prefolds and associated covers for your needs and budget.cloth nappy doctor chat soon

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