Prefolds Ecourse: Part 4 – Tips and Tricks

We made it to the end of Prefolds 101. What have your learnt along the way?

I learnt that there is such a range out there, its a shame Prefolds sometimes get a bad rap.

So this is the last part in Prefolds Ecourse from the Cloth Nappy Doctor. Below are a list of tips and tricks for prefolds.

  1. Prefolds make excellent boosters, for day or night time.
  2. Prefolds and wool soakers are an excellent combination for day or night time. Knit your own wool soakers or see the great range at Apikali.
  3. Ensure you have a great fitting cover and all bits of the prefold are within the cover. No parts sticking out.
  4. Prefolds are great for emergencies: when your washing machine dies, when you loose electricity (as we did for 3 days), when your baby is unwell and using more cloth nappies.
  5. Cotton material can take more abuse than bamboo materials. But bamboo is more absorbent. If hand washing more, use cotton materials.
  6. When camping, cotton prefolds are easier to use as they dry quickly and are easily hand washed.
  7. When boosting, lay the boosters inside the folds. This way it will stay in place.
  8. Place a wool booster at the bottom of your boosting inside the folds to make your prefolds work harder at night.
  9. You can place prefolds in pocket nappies or in the shell of AI2 cloth nappies.
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Can you add any more tips below for new parents?

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