Pocket Cloth Nappies at Apikali: Part 3

This week we are into Part 3 of Pockets 101. In this blog we look into the pocket cloth nappies at Apikali. This allows us to show you where each pocket cloth nappy sits in our range and how they can benefit you, depending upon your budget and lifestyle.

The brands we have at Apikali are road tested, not just by us and by a range of parents and babies. These are the most popular, value-for-money OSFM brands available.

1. Rumparooz

2. Seedling Baby

3. Apple Cheeks

4. Baby Beehinds

Rumparooz are a well tried and tested US brand. Their inserts are microfibre, BUT they are so heavy and trim you only need the two. The ingenious design of the inner gussets and the 6R inserts to suit newborn to approx toilet training is excellent. They are lined with microfleece, which helps wick away moisture. Our independent review can be found here in Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Nappy. They have great colours and patterns.

rumparooz pocket cloth nappies at apikali

rumparooz pocket cloth nappy

Seedling Baby is also an Australian owned brand. These are a very simple but well designed cloth nappy. Double gussets, 2 bamboo inserts which snap together and OSFM, makes this a very affordable cloth nappy. It is also high rise.  Our independent review can be found here in Seedling Baby V2 Pocket Nappy. This cloth nappy becomes even more practical as you can buy the bamboo inserts separately allowing for more nappy changes. You can also use this cloth nappy as an AI2, by placing the inserts on top of the shell.

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seedling baby pocket cloth nappies at apikali


Apple Cheeks are a Canadian owned and made cloth nappy that has unique pocket structure. The pocket design means you do not need to take the inserts out before washing. They will ‘shuffle’ out during washing cycle. They are available in three sizes and lots of designs. Their lining is microflece with a bamboo trifold absorbency.

apple cheeks pocket cloth nappies at apikali


And lastly, Baby Beehinds. Australian owned and a real ‘old timer’ of the cloth nappy world. The pocket Baby Beehinds has gone through a few versions to get the current version, just right. They come in minky or PUL, a great range of colours and quality workmanship and materials. Our independent review can be found here in Baby Beehinds Multi Fit Pocket. This nappy can be quite bulky due to the 2 bamboo inserts and minky outer. I would suggest using from about 4-5 kg. So what do you think of that range? Did we miss any?

Next week we will look at some tips and tricks for pocket cloth nappies.

cloth nappy doctor chat soon


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