Plastic Free July – two weeks down …

So two weeks in and I felt like I was neither gaining or losing momentum. I kept pulling things out of my cupboard wrapped in plastic and I cooked up a fave winter recipe for a friend who has just recently had a baby that required puff pastry, layers of plastic between the pastry and then nicely wrapped in plastic 🙁 I also received two magazines in the mail this week wrapped in plastic. I did however remember my reusable shopping bags and chose recyclable or no packaging where there was an option for what I wanted to buy.
I have been reading inspirational blogs to keep me motivated (ignoring that their writers mostly live in capital cities or don’t have children) and have taken on a few of their ideas this week such as making my own toothpaste when ours ran out and purchasing a shampoo soap bar and cleansing bar for when my plastic containered products run out. I also had to bake another batch of biscuits – determined not to buy any wrapped in plastic this month!
The contents of my dilemma bin in the second week:
– plastic snack packets and the plastic bag they all came in
– plastic bag for baby carrots
– plastic bag for parmesan cheese
– cereal plastic
– plastic bag for apricot snacks
– plastic bag outer and inner for rice cakes
– plastic wrapping from two magazines (one is spam I need to unsubscribe from)
– toothpaste tube and toothbrush packet (came from the dentist, it had Dora on it and it was worth supplanting the normal bamboo one as we have had maximum enthusiasm for teeth brushing ever since, I will phase bamboo back in when it needs replacing though :-))
– popcorn packet
– plastic packet walnuts came in (I know I can get these bulk so hopefully last time you see this one)
– biscuit plastic wrap
– packaging for puff pastry
– plastic sleeve for engagement card I bought months ago
– three pieces of cling wrap, this was used around the stems of garden produce from the childcare garden made available to parents – I didn’t even notice the cling wrap until I got home
Looking at the pile this week, it looks a bit smaller than last week’s – what do you think? I would love to hear how you have found the second week of your Plastic Free July journey. Sal x

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