Plastic Free July – three weeks down …

Three weeks down and I have had a couple of slip ups. Another balloon made it into the house and my hubby bought me a drink with a straw in it. I kept remembering those reusable bags though and actively avoided fruit and veg packaged in plastic – even if they were cheaper (except one night I wanted baby spinach leaves for a salad and I couldn’t be bothered tracking down a loose supply).

I have yet to make a start on the shampoo bar, as I am an infrequent hair washer but the homemade toothpaste is going well (does need some more baking powder in it though). Another hurdle was going to the bulk produce shop to buy pepitas and brown sugar – they didn’t have those items for bulk purchase so I bought them in plastic bags 🙁

There has been a bit of a lull this week with baking or doing anything new as such – it’s been a bit busy at our house this week so just trying to refuse single use plastic. Plastic continues to come out of the pantry from pre-July purchases there but I think I am almost cleaned out 🙂

The contents of my dilemma bin in the third week:
– 2 plastic snack packets
– 2 small plastic snack packets and the plastic bag they all came in
– plastic bag for baby carrots
– 2 cereal plastic bags
– plastic bag for arborio rice
– plastic bag for shredded coconut
– plastic bag from pepitas
– plastic bag from gluten free flour
– 2 plastic bags from salad leaves
– 1 vitamin bottle
– deflated balloons from June with tie, plus another balloon from last week
– plastic wrapping from furniture purchase (this is the big scrunched up ball of plastic in the picture – some of the plastic used was labelled biodegadable and I have kept the bubble wrap but this was the unlabelled single use stuff
Plastic not photographed included zip lock bags used to store spag bog sauce and plastic bag that fish caught the previous weekend had been frozen in – too stinky to keep in the dilemma bin. I saw a recent post that used recycled jars to freeze liquids in, which I might try instead of zip lock bags – although not sure how easy to quickly thaw these out. Just need to remember to keep the jars that are the right portion size and get them out of the freezer the day before we need them.
Looking at the pile this week, it looks  I would love to hear how you held up in the third week of your Plastic Free July journey. Sal x

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