Plastic Free July – how the last week went

So it’s two weeks since July finished and I am just now getting around to writing up how that last week and two days went. As you might see from the picture, there were more snack and biscuit packets in that last week. This is mainly because I had more on than usual and my husband was away for that last weekend so I didn’t find the time to bake. I was overwhelmed and just needed stuff right then and there in convenient packaging! I felt like I was massively failing in that last week and I was bingeing on single use plastic (insert huge sigh here).

But I am OK with it (with a bit of time to reflect). I tried my best and although I would have loved my entire July consumption of plastic to look like what I consumed on average each week, it’s my first go and no doubt next year I will be better (I might take a few years to match it with Lauren Singer and Beth Terry though)

So for the last roll call of single use plastic consumed in July:
  • Party Bag
  • Tomato bag
  • diced apricot bag
  • snacks (rice wheels, pretzels, chocolate, two biscuit packets)
  • Four cereal bags
  • gnocchi bag
  • hair product container
  • cheese wrappers (block and soft cheese)
  • Magazine wrapper (must unsubscribe!)
  • carrot bag
  • plastic wrapping from a suitcase
  • pasta plastic
  • random plastic I can’t recall from what
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As someone who has been on the reusable bags and water bottle bandwagon for a while now (and a non-coffee drinker) my biggest challenges in avoiding single use plastic were:
  • Food. Food and Food. While there are bulk food options in my home town, the range is nowhere near as extensive as I have found in other cities I have lived in the past.
  • Time. This is related to the first point in that finding time to make my own food to avoid purchasing packaged food was difficult.
  • My other half not really participating (but being supportive of my efforts :-))
  • Internet shopping! I think next year I will have to have a ban of buying anything that requires posting unless they specifying their packaging. Hopefully more businesses will become aware of this issue and offer options out there for their customers – I know Apikali is looking into this 🙂
  • Staying motivated. I started with gusto but by the end of the month I was struggling.
So lining up my efforts, it still looks like a lot of plastic BUT I know it was less than it would of been had I not been participating in Plastic Free July. How did you go? I would love to hear any successes you had so I can tuck them away to help me next year 🙂 Sal x

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