Plastic Free July – Apikali Roundup

The Team at Apikali all worked to perform our Plastic Free July Challenges. Here are our final thoughts on the month.



James is flying at the moment, so I (Tennille) will write his final thoughts here. As I can, as I am his wife!!
James chose to stop using the plastic lined coffee cups at work and to take an Onya coffee cup on board instead. He found it really easy to make the switch. The biggest challenge was training the staff on how to make a great cup of coffee in the larger cup. He kept the Onya cup in his bag, ready to use. It was easy to clean on board and in the office. I think its a wonderful achievement!
My challenge for Plastic Free July was to stop using plastic water bottles. So to prepare for this challenge the week before I brought one of Apikali’s Cheeki Stainless Steel 1L waterbottles. I
chose the blue butterfly design as it was really pretty and I knew I wouldn’t get tired of looking at these beautiful butterflies.
So how did I go throughout the month? To be honest I found this challenge quite easy. When I went out with friends or to events, I simply used a glass for my water, or I politely said no thank you if someone offered me a plastic bottle of water. This challenge really made me realise how many plastic water bottles I was using beforehand and the impact it would be having on the earth. Therefore, from now on my goal is to stop using plastic water bottles and to reduce the amount of plastic I use in general. I have decided to reduce the amount of zip lock bags that I use and instead use replay snack containers.  I look forward to doing this challenge again next year and pushing myself even further! Thank you for the challenge Tennille


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