Paddle Pants by Seedling Baby: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

Seedling Baby is an Aussie brand of cloth nappy and practical parenting products. At Apikali we include this brand due to its unique cloth nappy features and one of the very rare to find One Size Swim Nappies, Paddle Pants.

Paddle Pants by Seedling Baby are a cute, one size, swim nappy for babies from newborn to the toilet training years. They have a nice soft mesh lining to keep the PUL away from rubbing on baby’s skin. The Grape and Tangelo gingham colours are unisex, but I am waiting to for any new colours that Seedling Baby comes out with. They are sized through the front snaps. The Paddle Pants also have a double gusset to help with those breast fed poos.

Paddle Pants swim nappy

Besides a great option for baby, they save you a tonne of money from not needing to purchase disposable swim nappies.

We have been busy putting together some videos to show you how they look, feel and work.

The first shows you the look of the Paddle Pants with their Beach/Wet bags.

The second video shows you how to size your Seedling Baby Paddle Pant from newborn to the toilet training years.

Remember to wash your Paddle Pants before use to soften them up.

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Enjoy your swimming this summer

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