Paddle Pants Swim Nappy by Seedling Baby: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

paddle pants swim nappy reviewLets review the Paddle Pants Swim Nappy by Seedling Baby. This swim nappy has been around for many years, but they have recently updated their designs. And I love the new prints in Explorer, Tea Party and Tiger.


  • One size from newborn to toilet training.
  • 4 steps to size the cloth nappy.
  • Lined with a mesh fabric to keep skin away from PUL and to catch any looser poos.
  • Trim groin for more comfort for baby.
  • Fits up to 2-3 years of age, depending upon baby’s shape’
  • PUL is soft and pliable, allowing water to easily move through preventing bulging while swimming.
  • Back elastic helps keep poos in the nappy and not the water.
  • Easy to clean by rinsing under the tap and allow to dry. Ensure you wash the swim nappy if soiled.
  • Quick drying.

The Cloth Nappy Doctor has reviewed the Paddle Pant swim nappy by Seedling Baby below.

The Paddle Pant swim nappy is perfect for:

  • All swimming situations.
  • Babies with loose or solid feces.
  • Keep two Paddle Pants swim nappies while on holidays so you are never without.

I invite you to leave your review of the Paddle Pant Swim Nappy below.

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5 thoughts on “Paddle Pants Swim Nappy by Seedling Baby: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

  1. We love our Seedling Baby Swim Nappies. They have a great fit, and are so convenient. We have two in rotation, and are swimming nearly every day, so they are getting a lot of use, and show no signs of wear. As well as being practical, they are also so damn cute. I cannot understand why anyone would use a disposable swim nappy, these are amazing!

  2. We use cloth nappies in our house so these are also great to add to the stash. Easy to use and wash and suitable for newborn to toddler. Great nappies.

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