Packing your order at Apikali: Our emphasis on the 4 R’s

packing and shipping orders at apikali
 Did you know at Apikali, and in our family home, we work on implementing the 4 R’s?

How do we do it?

Reuse…If you have received an order from us recently, you will have noticed that we reuse plastics bags and cardboard boxes. These items are sent to us by our Suppliers, which we then reuse for shipping your order. These are recyclable by you, reuse them or use them for another purpose.

Reduce…Packaging is required for products and shipping your order. The amount of waste we generate is reduced by not purchasing excess packaging new. If we must purchase packaging, we ensure that it is recyclable, like the Australia Post satchels, and only buying what we need.

reusing our packaging

Recycle…In may cases some of the boxes or packaging we receive from Suppliers is damaged and cannot be reused. We collect these and recycle them at our local refuse centre.

Recover…This is my favourite R to implement. We take alot of the boxes we receive and use them as a weedmat for the vege patch or my next garden bed. Boxes are also turned into play toys for the boys, sensory experiences for Abbey and sturdy drawing paper. Alot of the packaging materials are turned into art projects or donated to local schools. I like this R, as it turns soemthing that would be waste into having another purpose.

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apikali boxes as weedmat in our vege patch

How does this translate to the products we sell?

We ask our Suppliers to minimise their packaging and we search for brands that produce products with little packaging. Have you seen many of our cloth nappy brands have little to no packaging? We always opt for the no packaging options where possible when buying the products.

Earlier this year we  participated in Plastic Free July. You can see our adventures here. This highlighted further how much plastic is used at Apikali and the costs we face as a business. Like a family home, we make decisions based on our budget. We would love for none of our packaging to contain plastic however with the emergence of the plastic satchels from Australia Post it is getting harder to do this. The Australia Post satchels are recyclable so we make sure at least that we can do this much. The bubble wrap we use is biodegradable. Like a lot of things that are good for us or better for our planet things become more expensive. Using Australia Post it comes up substantially more expensive to send in tough paper bags or our own creative packaging as well as the handling of parcels partly by machine makes them prone to damage and tearing. Where possible we do use boxes however due to Australia Posts policy of measuring boxes according to the cubic metre rather than the weight the cost always comes up a lot more expensive to send in this manner. It is something we continue to examine and try to find a solution for.

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We try to keep our prices very low for postage and absorb some of the costs ourselves so we may pass on a few dollars savings to our customers but it is not viable for us to absorb more than we currently allow so our current postage methods are our most practical and eco option we can provide.

Share below one of your 4 R’s that we could implement at Apikali, maybe??!!


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