All In Ones Cloth Nappies – Part 2 Materials

The materials used for All in One (AIO) cloth nappies is really quite simple as it is sewn onto the cloth nappy. Like all cloth nappies, AIO can be snap or velcro closer. However these days, snap is the most common. Okay lets get started with materials.


Microfibre is the most common material used in AIO cloth nappies. It is usually sewn under the stay dry layer. This is your classic AIO cloth nappy. Microfibre is great at absorbing liquid, but not holding it. So you will find a bamboo or cotton layer is generally necessary.


Bamboo material is the most common absorbent material for all in one cloth nappies. Its soft, fluffy and can handle a large amount of liquid.  Make sure your bamboo cloth nappies are completely dry before using to prevent mould or mildew developing.

You wont find many AIO in entire bamboo material due to the drying time. But you may find they include an extra insert that is made of bamboo to increase absorbency.

Cotton/Organic Cotton

Cotton is a very hardy material. It is easy to sew, wash, clean and prevent staining. It is great if you have a child with acidic wee. It is very sturdy and can take more washing ‘abuse’ than more natural fibres fibres, like bamboo. It is still very absorbent, but if you need more absorbency, add a bamboo booster.

Now you are probably seeing the term organic cotton around more these days. What does this actually mean? In general is means that the cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles. Many countries have different requirements to meet the Organic Cotton Guidelines. But as a minimum you can be assured this cotton is grown and manufactured with the best management practices for the country.

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This is a very common material to use in AIO, as it is not bulky and very absorbent. Many brands have the cotton sewn into tongues or flaps and then sewn onto the top of the nappy to decrease drying time.

Stay Dry

This is a new term that has gained popularity, but is also causing a little bit of confusion. Stay Dry means the top layer of the nappy or insert wicks moisture away from the baby’s bottom. The stay dry material is usually microfleece or suede cloth. The absorbent layers underneath can be any of the materials above.

Are you feeling more confident about which material will suit your needs for an AIO?

Remember you can mix and match materials. Need absorbency use bamboo or hemp, need natural use organic cotton. Need a robust material, look at cotton.

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