All in One cloth nappies: Part One – Definitions

Lets continue with our educational series for cloth nappy 101, you will have seen so far that prefolds are your most economical choice, pocket cloth nappies are the most popular type of nappy made and that fitted cloth nappies are excellent for absorbency and fit. Now a style of nappy which is the most similar to a disposable and easiest to use, is the All in One (AIO).

Here is the start of our 4-part introduction to All in One Cloth Nappies 101.

Part 1: Definitions
Part 2: Materials
Part 3: Apikali brands
Part 4: Tips and tricks

So lets get started with definitions.

An All in One (AIO) cloth nappy means that there are no separate components to the nappy. The nappy is placed on the baby like a disposable and off you go! That is the very general description.

In the beginning, the nappy would generally have a thick wad of microfibre/bamboo/cotton sewn into the lining, just like a disposable. This version proved unpopular due to the ridiculous drying times required. Up to 4 days sometimes. And yes I had a few right in the beginning. Lets just say they become the emergency cloth nappies.

But now…oh my, I am excited. Now the Brands have developed AIO cloth nappies that don’t take days to dry. Now the nappies generally have the layers attached at the top and/or bottom which assist with drying time.

AIO cloth nappies come in snap or velcro, sized or OSFM. The choice is wonderful.

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So if you have heard of the AIO, and the opinion has been from other parents, ‘NO DONT DO IT, they take days to dry!’ Well now you have another option that will suit your needs.

Its a myth that they take ages to dry. Some all in two cloth nappies can take the same amount of time. If this styles seems to be your favourite, dont let only myths hold you back.

See you at Part 2: Materials.

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