Night time cloth nappy library arrives!

In last week’s blog I pledged to give cloth another go for night time use. I had a chat to Tennille about getting a night time cloth nappy library and she sent me the email that she sends out to nappy library requestors — in it she asks lots of questions about your bub, their nappy habits, your preferences in cloth nappying, budget and any other issues you think might help her put together the perfect pack for you.

Soon after I got an email from Tennille saying that my night time cloth nappy library was on its way. She also gave me some general tips about how to fit a night time nappy plus some more tailored information based on the questionnaire I had filled out. There were three attachments to the email, the first one included a checklist of what was in the pack, terms and conditions of the hire, lots of information on caring for the nappies whilst in your possession and a ‘score card’ to help you compare and record your experiences with the nappies in the pack. The second attachment has instructions on how to return the nappies and the third attachment had pictures of all the nappies in the pack (and lots more brands too) and how the inserts fit into them.

So when the night time pack arrived three days later, I was pretty excited. So much so that I videoed the opening — all in the name of sharing what you can expect if you too are thinking about hiring the night time nappy pack. After pulling them out and admiring them all in their nice newness (even though used as part of a library they still felt and looked new compared with my now old stash), I ticked the contents of the satchel off the checklist and read the instruction card that came with it. It said to pre wash 3 – 5 times so I put them all in the wash pronto, even superceding my current days wash as I really can’t wait to start trying them out.
night time cloth nappy library
There are 12 nappies in the night time cloth nappy library, so I plan to trial them over two weeks. It might take longer as if I have leaks, I will re try with added/different boosting, just to be sure about a particular brand/style. I was surprised to see some nappies in there that I already own, that I would never have considered for night time use. We will see how she goes at night with them though. As a tummy sleeper, my previous attempts with one style saw regular leaks at the front top of the nappy.
So tomorrow I will start trialing my nappies from the night time cloth nappy library and will give you an update in my next blog about how they have worked out for my little Aggie.
Sal x
We have retired our Night Time Cloth Nappy Library at Apikali and from your requests designed Trial Packs of night time cloth nappies. Check them out HERE.

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