Night time cloth library – second week

So I am gradually working my way through the library and just have a couple of pockets to go and the mysterious prefolds.

The Bear Bottoms pocket was probably the cutest print in the night library (love frogs). It had two microfiber inserts, one which had snaps to fold partway down to adjust for boys or tummy sleeping girls, and a bamboo insert. I folded the snap insert down and inserted with the bamboo insert in between. The inserts were quite bulky, and by that I mean wide. The nappy crotch area is also quite wide which makes stuffing the inserts fine but difficult to get the fitting right on Aggie. I felt like it was hard to pull the hook and loop tabs in enough to get a secure fit around the waist because of the bulk of the inserts, almost like I needed a bigger nappy to have a better fit, even though the inserts fit in fine and it’s a OSFM. Interestingly enough, the Bear Bottoms everynight pocket nappy comes with an additional tri-fold bamboo booster, there is no way I could’ve got the nappy to fit with that in the pocket as well. Sure enough, this nappy leaked on her. Aggie did sleep through to her normal time but had leaks out of the leg holes and from the waist, pj’s were wet and sheets were wet.

Bum cheeks pocket, what can I say? Loved this after the Bear Bottoms struggle. A trim OSFM with snaps, a micro suede lining with microfiber sewn into the pocket and a folder over bamboo insert, also trim. I also added the small bamboo booster I had used with the Grovia nappies to give extra absorbency. Even with this extra boosting, I had no trouble getting it to fit with the snaps. I was a little concerned that the bulk in the crotch might result in leaks around the legs but I need not have worried. We had a full night’s sleep and no leaks.

So finally, up to the prefolds. There were two in the nappy library that were branded and a snappi. First attempt I used the Real Nappies prefold in the large size, folded in three and fanned out where her bum would nestle and folded down in front to fit in the cover and add extra absorbency for tummy sleeping. I then put the Close night time booster folded the wrong way. I have to say, I couldn’t work out what to do with the snappi – I mean, I know what to do with it but the prefold just wasn’t wide enough for me to use the snappi. I am thinking that they are to be used only with flat nappies and not prefolds and that prefolds are secured using the cover (This was confirmed by Tennille). This bothers me a bit, as I just don’t feel like that is secure enough but the sweet pea OSFM cover in the largest setting seemed pretty snug on it. She woke the next morning earlier than usual and the nappy was saturated, so much so the fleece part of the close booster was also wet. It also leaked onto her pj bottoms and top and onto the sheets. On hindsight I think there needed to be another bamboo booster in there and the cover was too small even on the largest setting to accommodate this.

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For the Bumboo prefold I used the same approach as the previous night but this time added a Baby Beehind bamboo booster, a fleece liner and used the Baby Beehind cover in a size large. I felt this was a better absorbency combination and the cover seemed larger and better fitting than the previous prefold effort. However, I didn’t get a chance to test it as it was pooed and weed in before bedtime (tried the night before the blog was posted). I will update the blog with results from this combo.

So, after all those nappies what have I learnt? I have learnt that most of them could easily do the job for us overnight, with a bit of tinkering on the boosting side of things. To trust my instincts when I first look at a nappy on my baby whether it’s going to work or not. To use a cover on a fitted nappy, no matter how padded it looks.

I also learnt that starting something new for me is just as hard whether it’s putting cloth on my baby or exercising (I’m talking about you new year resolution fails). I found myself setting out with gusto and then withering in the middle because it was *easier* to use single use. It wasn’t really easier, they were just there ready to go and a sure thing for a full night’s sleep in this experimental period.

I was serious about using cloth every night I had the library but it didn’t happen. There are a few things I would do differently next time to help me get more out of a library hire:
• Remove any single use from the baby’s (or in my case toddler’s) room. If they are not within reach, they are not easier.
• Word up the other nappy changer in the household and get them on board or make it easy for them (and me for that matter) to put on. In my case this would involve doing any prep with additional boosting or laying out prefold in the cover before we are at the change table for the final change of the day (well, what we think will be the final change of the day).
• Alternate between nappy styles you are familiar with and ones you are not so sure of rather than saving the ones you are not so sure about to the end, where they can be put off or not used at all if the return date sneaks up.

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Starting something new is hard and does take time, discipline and commitment. Backsliding is going to happen and that’s ok. What I need to remember is why I want to cloth at night. Even if I don’t do it every night, each night I do is contributing to reducing my single use nappy consumption. From hiring the library I have learnt that there are a number of cloth nappies that will keep my Aggie dry and sleeping through the night. And that alone is a huge boost in confidence and to getting me into this new habit. It also saved me buying ones that wouldn’t have worked just to try. Love that.

All the nappies, except for the Bear Bottoms and the prefold with the sweet pea OSFM cover, didn’t leak on Aggie’s shape (I am not counting the BBH night nappy as I didn’t have a cover on it). But what were my favourites? I loved the fit of the Baby Bare Cub AI2 and Bum Cheeks AI2, they were snug but not tight around her waist AND her thighs – even with the extra boosting, and I love snap fixings (especially with toddler fingers easily peeling off velcro these days). I already have close pop-in and night boosters so I will start using them with snug fitting pj bottoms and if I need more I will keep an eye out for specials on my other favourites. I would love to know what cloth nappies work for you at night and why they work for your baby if you want to leave a comment below.

Sal x

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