Night Time Journey with the Cloth Nappy Library – first week

So the Night time nappy hire pack arrived Thursday and I washed and dried them over Friday and was ready to go Saturday night! Agatha, however, was not feeling the best on Saturday and woke up several times on the Saturday very unhappy. I caved in at the first wake up three hours into her night sleep and changed her into a single use nappy.

 Some observations on that first night. I used the Close pop-in with their night time booster. When I changed her three hours into her sleep, there had been no leaks – her clothes and bedding were completely dry. Win. However, the way the panel of microfleece is sewn into the booster, meant as a tummy sleeper there was still wet booster up against her tummy. I will try and lay the microfleece the other way next time I use this booster to avoid this.

A week later and Aggie is feeling much better and sleeping through again. Take 2 on the night time nappy attempt. I tried the Nifty Naps on but I just couldn’t get it to fit around her stomach without gaping and not cutting the circulation off to her legs (same issue with the Baby Beehind Bamboo fitted). As a tummy sleeper this nappy wasn’t going to work and I abandoned this nappy for the adjusted close pop in. Twelve hours later … Success!

Next out of the stash was the Grovia AIO with a stay dry booster. I was a bit dubious about this one as it just didn’t seem to have enough boosting. However, Aggie did sleep through and there were no leaks. The nappy was very wet though and although the fleece cover felt less wet than the layers underneath and is what stopped her from waking, I would probably add an extra layer (or two) of boosting in there next time if I could get it to fit.

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I had high expectations for the Baby Beehind night nappy. It was so padded! The fit seemed good without being too tight. Agatha slept through without waking. However, there were leaks. At the front on the right side, both out the top and from the leg. The nappy was really wet but the top layer seemed like it kept her from feeling that. I am not sure whether the leaks were from the nappy not being washed enough and absorption not at its peak or incorrect fitting or both. I just had a chat with Tennille and it turns out that this nappy is a fitted nappy that requires a cover! Which I should’ve realised, but it was just so padded it lulled me into a false sense of security 🙂 I will try it again – with a cover – and see how I go.

Next was the Baby Beehind AIO magic-all in the large size. This nappy has 4 layers of microfleece sewn into it and a pocket to add extra boosting. It came with a single Magic-all bamboo booster but I wasn’t convinced this would be enough, so I added 2 more from my stash. I was also not convinced with the fit, the single row of snaps made it hard to fit around the leg and stomach and I was sure there would be leaks from the legs. But there were no leaks, and it worked just as well as the other successes. Aggie did wake up a little earlier than usual, but she was dry and the nappy wasn’t completely saturated as I found with the previous two nappies.

After my pleasant surprise with the Grovia AIO, I was more optimistic with using the Grovia hybrid AI2. It was a hook and loop cover which I had at the largest size setting and it came with the hemp/cotton blend Stay Dry Soaker Pad and I put in the smallest prefold that came in the night time pack under it. I wasn’t sure it would be enough, but I couldn’t fit any more boosting in without compromising the fit of the cover around the legs. I also laid in a microfleece liner. Again, we had great success with a full night’s sleep. The nappy was extremely wet the next morning, but the microfleece liner on top of the fleece covered soaker pad kept Aggie from feeling wet.

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Last nappy to trial this week was the Baby Bare Cub AI2. It comes with two inserts, one with a micro suede cover, and the night cloth library also includes the Baby Bare booster. I also used a microfleece liner again. The fit of this nappy on my little girl was really good. I was able to get a snug fit without being too tight on both her legs and her stomach, even though there was only one row of snaps. Twelve hours later … another full nights sleep with a cloth nappy. Like most of the nappies trialed this week, this one was also completely saturated but only a little damp to the touch on that top layer.

So what have I learnt this first week? That my little girl will sleep through the night in cloth. Also, that as long as there is a micro fleece/suede cover to wick moisture away, she seems to sleep through even when the nappy is completely wet. Even though some of the nappies trialled left me a bit dubious with their fit, only one leaked. I also trusted my instincts enough to know when some nappies were just not going to work on Aggie’s shape. So next week I just have one more pocket to trial and the prefolds.

Sal x

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