Using Baby Beehinds Fitted Cloth Nappy at the Newborn Stage

Let us show you how to use Baby Beehinds at the newborn stage. We also include two practical tricks in the video below to help you save money and more changes for your newborn.

At the newborn stage, you need lots of nappy changes. Your cheapest option is always prefolds and covers, but we want to show you here that you can extend the use of your Baby Beehinds Fitted cloth nappy.
You will need:
6 Baby Beehinds Newborn cloth nappies.
Have a few extra covers means you wont run out if bub has more than one poo-nami in a day. The beauty of the Baby Beehinds covers is that they are wipe clean. To maximise their use, rotate 2 covers throughout the day. At the end of the day, pop them all in the wash.
Now sit back, and enjoy our demo video. And dont forget to watch out for the two money saving tricks.

 Tell us, do you have a trick to get through the newborn nappy stage?
Talk soon,
cloth nappy doctor

The Cloth Nappy Doctor

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