Newborn Nappies: Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she goes through all you need to know to get started with newborn nappies. Learn about the different styles of newborn nappies and which may be just right for you.


2.02 Rumparooz newborn cover
2.35 Newborn covers and inserts – prefolds
6.10 Snappis and prefolds
6.35 One size prefolds and newborn covers
7.57 Newborn covers and flats
8.37 MCNs vs flats/prefolds – which is better?
9.37 Velcro or snap for newborn covers
Bummis Newborn cover
13.42 Simply Cloth booster and newborn cover
1500 Baby Beehinds cover
1600 Baby Beehinds cover and booster option
16.30 One size covers on newborns
16.50 Bummis Simply Lite One Size cover
18.25 Special needs cloth nappies
20.30 One size covers on newborns
20.51 Pocket newborn nappies – AppleCheeks
25.24 All in One newborn nappies – Baby Beehinds
28.55 Fitted cloth nappy – Imagine
30.29 Does Meconium stain?
31.09 All In One newborn cloth nappy – Lil Joey by Rumparooz
37.57 Breathable Pilchers/Pull up pants
38.27 All in Two newborn cloth nappy – Funky Fluff
42.40 Tips and tricks
44.40 Care Bears Rumparooz

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