Moving into sustainable living

I have always loved the idea of living with what I have. Making do and being really creative. I am always inspired by what people can do when they have nothing or not much. I love recycled too.

vege patch

I remember as a teenager trying to start my own veggie patch and to learn from the experiment. But my parents wanted to put their fingers in too. I suppose they had that right, but to this day I just wanted to try and fail all on my own. So with that, and in my own home, with my own kids, I am going to try again.

I love gardening. I love growing things.
I fail dismally most of the time though. Always my own fault, but I try. And I think I try too quickly. I don’t research, I don’t compare, I just jump in. Buy a seed, pop it in then get impatience when it does not grow.
But now we are not going anywhere, we are settled. There is no need to rush. I can plan properly. My boys are young, Abbey loves outside and the veggie patch will be just outside the kitchen. Not behind a shed or down the back of nowhere.
So come join me as I start a path to sustainability on our little bit of land. Do you have any tips you can share?

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