how to measure rise waist and leg length of a cloth nappy

How to Measure the Rise, Waist and Leg Lengths for Cloth Nappies or Toilet Training Pants

how to measure rise waist and leg length of a cloth nappyIf you are looking at sized cloth nappies or you have started the journey of toilet training, and need toilet training pants, its time to start measuring your child. Here we share how to measure the rise, waist and leg lengths for cloth nappies and toilet training pants.

How to Measure the Rise – This measurement is the distant from the front waist through the crotch and up to the back waist line. For younger babies under six months, it is the measure from the belly button, through the crotch and in line at the back. However keep in mind, you can measure in two ways depending upon how the cloth nappy or training pants fit on your bub.

  • With a nappy or training pants on, measure the rise over a nappy from the top of the nappy through the crotch to the back of the nappy (to top of elastics).
  • Without a nappy, measure from just below the belly button, or where the nappy would usually sit, through to the back waistline.

How to Measure Waist – This one is easy, the measurements are taken at the natural waist line, where the belly button is. Remember that if waist measurements are provided on nappy descriptions, it is the un-scretched measurement, generally. When putting on training pants or cloth nappies a gentle stretch through the elastics of a couple of cms is expected. When choosing your size, ensure you dont choose too small or larger in the waist. We dont want those nappies to fall off!

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How to Measure Legs – This is a tricking measurement when first trying. The measurement is not taken around the fat-est part of their leg, usually the upper thigh. The measurement is taken in one of two ways: diagonally from where the nappy or cover will sit on the outer thigh, through the inner thigh and back up OR around the leg in line with the groin.

how to measure rise waist leg cloth nappy

The leg and rise measurement are the most important to know as they will let you know if there may be potential leakage due to an insufficient seal in these areas.

Your first step is always to check the weight ranges on the cloth nappies and training pants. These weight ranges are based on the average of children. If you child is above or below the average, then these measurements are great to obtain the right size and fi.

These measurements are also fabulous to keep handy for clothing as well.

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