I love to wear socks and sandals..my inner dagginess!

So I recently shared my life as Abbeys carer. It was a bit hard and expose’ for me. It made me think further about how I cope with that life, but also the life as a mum of 3 additional boys. It really got me thinking about what I do at home, where no one can see.

Here we go.

I wear tracksuit pants, James’ shirts and old tatty undies. I don’t wear anything pretty, I like to think I look sporty with my runners on. Bright pink runners, mind you. I will jog up to get the mail from the letterbox at 7 am in the morning. I FEEL sporty. But I just look down right terrible. And I don’t care. I am changing 2 bums, cleaning the boys’ toilet when they cant get the wee in, wiping my hands on my pants when I get butter on them and using my shirt to wipe noses and faces. Its really gross and I feel really gross at the end of the day. This is a normal day when James is at work and I am by myself.
I use to try and wear a nice shirt, or nicer shoes. But they would get grotty quickly or the shoes were uncomfortable. My Abbey is 8 years old and 27 kg. I still lift her and I need comfort on my feet for my back.
And talking of comfort, I caught myself in a real dilemma on a Tuesday. I needed comfy shoes, but I wanted something that can be taken on and off quickly, but also it was really cold. Here was my solution.
comfort as a mum
I was comfortable, warm and I had shoes on. Very smart! But if someone came to the door I took my shoes off and pretended I was very comfortable just in socks. Very hippie.
On this same day, my boys found a box of tissues they could pull apart and make someĀ rocks out of them. This started at about 5 am in the morning, by 11 am they were over it. They had very neatly piled them up in the busiest part of our home. The main traffic thoroughfare from bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. I didn’t get around to picking them up until 4 pm. So for 5 hours I just walked over, around and through this pile of tissues. I was too busy caring for them, the kids. It got done, eventually. But I’m not perfect, and luckily I had my very smart shoes on.
Lets just say the day didn’t get any better. It just got worse, it was chaos. I had food all over me, Abbey was very dribbly and I was running out of bibs. Ahhhh.
If the tissues were not being cleaned up and I could not find acceptable shoes, then the washing was not being done. But I could not find a spare bit of couch, floor or bench to put it on. It was covered in tissues, cars, pencils, paper. I also kept loosing my shoes. Maybe I should have put sneakers on? They cant be taken off.
Anyway back to the washing. I needed the basket for the next load of washing I had to do. This was yesterdays load that had come off the line that morning.
Guess what? I managed to balance 6 peoples worth of washing on a chair.
Sadly it stayed there for a few days. Oh well.
One of the joys of being a stay at home mum with 4 kids, is that I don’t answer to anyone. NO ONE! Its my rules, my domain.
My first rule is care for the kids. My second rule is care for me. My third is show love. And lastly, everything else.
So I have learnt to give myself a break. That I can’t do it all. Sure I would love a maid, a cleaner, a cook, a nanny, a hair dresser, a makeup artist and a Home Beautiful home. But I would not get gorgeous pictures like those above. I would not get to laugh at myself and my own ridiculous solutions to mundane problems. And I would not get to be with my kids.
All in all, I would not get to be an as efficient and loving mother if I didn’t let the inner dag come out now and then.
What is the daggiest thing you have done or do, just to get through the day?
Tennille … mum to 4 cyclones of madness.

Go on … look? See the cloth nappies perched on top?

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