less puddles potty training

Less Puddles Potty Training: Top 8 practical tips.

less puddles potty trainingPotty training or toilet training can test any parents patience. We cant remember how we did it, what it felt like or what is the perfect strategy to assist our little baby. But thankfully there are some products that can help parents and the toddler who is learning.

Here are our top 8 practical tips to assist you and your toddler during those potty training months:

  1. Find your toddlers sweet spot…what is their reward for using the potty. It could be stickers, favourite TV program, favourite food, time with mum or dad, even playing with their favourite toy or book.
  2. Start with sitting on the potty, then slowly migrate to using the potty.
  3. Listen to your little one. Remember your teaching something new at a time in their life they are asserting their independence. This is where most of the frustrations come in between parent and child. If they are resistant, that is great. Support their growing independence in decision making. Offer another alternative.
  4. Celebrate all victories.
  5. Keep moving the goal posts once they conquer one step.
  6. There will be lapses, its normal.
  7. Dont push it, come back to the goal later.
  8. If they dont like a potty, use the toilet with a special seat. Find what works for them.
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Choosing which products to purchase for potting training can be overwhelming. There are videos, pants, wee targets, seat protectors and the list goes on. Now to keep your sanity consider these products and their uses.

  • Toilet training pants are designed to assist with accidents. They have the capacity to hold a small volume, usually less than 100ml. They are great for that period where your toddler is between just learning and totally competent. They can help save messes and washing. Toilet Training pants are also fabulous at reinforcing with toddlers their indepenance. The pants are only for them.
  • A Seat Protector for car seats, high chairs or strollers. You usually only need one or two or one per piece of furniture. They provide protection for the furniture and reduce washing. They can help reduce your anxiety about accidents while out and about.

In the below video The Cloth Nappy Doctor takes you through the practical brilliance of the Close Carseat Protector and how its great for potty training.

Look for more advice on potty training…check out this blog from Eva, a mum of 6 darlings.

What have you found to be your number one tip while potty training? Was it easy or a challenge for you and your toddler?

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