Learn more about my journey with Abbey as a Special Needs mum

Over the years of managing Apikali and being a mum with a small business, I have also shared my journey as Abbey’s carer. At times it has been hard to share, but now Im taking it one step further. Instead of hiding this journey within the realms of the Cloth Nappy Doctor blog, it is now being exposed over at the Voice of a Carer blog.

This blog gives me the opportunity to share more about my journey as Abbeys carer. To share the trials, tribulations, joy and celebrations. Its a very eventful journey whereby I have the opportunity to meet amazing and interesting people. To educate parents, therapists and the medical person on the needs of carers to provide the best care we can give to our loved ones with the special needs.

We have now moved onto the stage of palliative care for Abbey that has opened up a world of new challenges and joy. Yes there is joy in this stage.

If you would like to follow me, Abbey and our family as we navigate the world of special needs parenting, come join me over at Voice of a Carer.

Let me explain what I mean by special needs. Its not just children with severe disabilities like my Abbey, its children who are challenged by sensory processing disorders, cancer, rare diseases and everything in between. Voice of a Carer is a place where parents and carers can share in our journeys together. Where I am free to talk to topics that affect us, but rarely do we start a conversation about them.

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I look forward to you joining me on my next journey.


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