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Novice Pack

Novice Pack

The below was posted on Facebook 6 July 2013. It had a huge response from Apikali Parents liking the post, commenting that they wish they had know about it and suggesting it to their friends.

{IMAGINE it being easier}

Imagine being new to cloth nappies. 
Imagine typing ‘cloth nappy’ into Google and seeing the pages and pages and pages of companies and shops and brands and styles.
Imagine then hopping onto Facebook and all of the review pages and selling pages and buying pages and swapping pages.
Imagine then asking for an opinion and being bombarded with at least 15 different brands and styles and options.

Imagine GIVING UP at this stage. 

Imagine going on Ebay and trying to figure out why these are so cheap and why the others are so expensive.

Imagine at this stage you have only seen cloth nappies on a screen.
Imagine spending $100’s AND your time doing this process to trial a few brands.

Imagine instead…spending $30, seeing at least 15 brands of quality and value for money cloth nappies for a week, which you can see, use AND smell!
But also IMAGINE having someone to guide you through the process and answer all of your questions.

Apikali Modern Cloth Nappy Library

Its easier, nicer and cheaper than you think!

Night time library pack

Night time library pack

As a consequences,  Apikali Novice Pack, Apikali AI2 Pack and Apikali Night Time Pack packs were hired that same week. This had me thinking about how many parents waste SO much time, effort and money trawling through Google pages and searches, Facebook pages and Ebay trying to work out which cloth nappy to use, comparing cloth nappies and then spending hundreds on new or even second hand cloth nappies.

Prefold/fitted pack

Prefold/fitted pack

So really, it is so much easier to hire a Nappy Library. As I write this there are only a few businesses available now. A few have shut down due to personal reasons. But at Apikali, our Cloth Nappy Library is the centre piece of our little biz. The Library started before the store. The Library came about due to our own confusion and bad experience from other cloth nappy libraries when we were searching for a bigger cloth nappy for Nate.

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So imagine discovering which brand, style and material is perfect for you, baby and your lifestyle. Then when you search for specials or the secondhand sites you know exactly what you are looking for. But to be honest, no Apikali Parents who have hired our library have gone back to trawling the internet. They use their bonus for hiring AND their bond towards their perfect cloth nappy.

I look forward to putting together your nappy library pack!

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