how to oil a wooden board

How to Oil a Wooden Chopping Board

how to oil a wooden chopping boardWho would have thought oiling a wooden chopping board would provide me with a moment of solitude? Let me show you how to oil a wooden chopping board.

The rhythm. The feel of the oil. The final look of the board.

We are slowly making changes in our home to more natural products that last longer, have texture and function brilliantly. One of these items was our plastic chopping boards. We have been through many plastic boards, usually replacing them every year, as they were cheap. I have always disliked them and always fallen in love with wooden chopping boards in our travels to crafty/artsy places.

Five years ago, we switched to bamboo chopping boards. They have lasted longer and I love the look of them.

We have only cared for them with a hot soapy wash.

We were oiling our outdoor setting and the thought went through my head that I may need to oil the wooden boards too. With a little bit of Googling, we should have been doing it more often.

So one afternoon, while the kids played outside, I set myself up with soft rags, our wooden boards and some olive oil.
I swirled.
I swished.
I rubbed.
I massaged.

It was a wonderful moment to be engaged in caring for our boards.

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Am I mad? Maybe.

But in a life where it can be very chaotic, doing a very gentle task was good for my soul.

Do you do a menial task, that provides such delight?

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