I am so happy…Abbey put a hole in the wall

My Abbey cannot walk, throw a ball or crawl, but she can scoot around in her walker like any toddler just learning to run.

I want to share with you how happy I am she put a hole in my wall. Its a small hole, but Abbey made it all by herself.
caring for abbey
She made it by bumping into the wall with her walker. She went back and forth and back and forth to make that hole. She even bent the metal on the corner. Its a beautiful hole too.
We have had to put bubble wrap now on her walker to protect our walls.
caring for abbey
Now if my boys put a hole in the wall, they are in big trouble! But they know how to walk, run and they have already done these things to our walls. They should know better now.
Abbey on the other hand, is still learning. And she has learnt to put holes in walls. Its a small milestone and very rebellious. But I am so proud.
Carer to my rebel, Abbey

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