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Grovia ONE Cloth Nappy: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

grovia one cloth nappyThe Grovia ONE a new type of cloth nappy with game changing features AND for all the extras its affordable. Read more as we bring together a range of independent reviews, our review and video.

There are three great blogs you can peruse to begin.
There is some confusion around whether this is a AIO or an AI2 cloth nappy. All in one cloth nappies have been defined as having all the absorbency attached to the shell. Whereas All in Two has the absorbency that is separate to the shell and in many cases the shell can be reused with clean inserts. The Grovia ONE is designed to be washed after each use, so similar to an AIO. But its absorbency is separate to the shell, making it an AI2. There is also absorbency add to the shell. At Apikali, we are choosing the AIO definition, until we are advised otherwise.
Cloth Nappy Doctor Review 
This is a fantastic cloth nappy for $35, given its abundance of features. It fits beautifully from newborn to toilet training.
grovia one on newborngrovia one cloth nappy
The other features we love are:
– soft microfleece.
– natural cotton is used instead of microfibre, which lifts the quality of the product.
– the attention to stitching, as with all Grovia products.
– stay dry top of microfleece.
– one size.
The uniquest feature is the velcro or snap fastening option. You can choose depending upon age of baby and who is caring for baby. If grandparents are caring, then use the velcro, if you or dad are use the snaps. If bub is newborn, use the velcro or if bub is toilet training use the snaps.
Grovia ONe cloth nappy
The cover is similar to the construction of the AI2 hyrid cover, but the snaps at the waist are design differently. You can only snap over once onto the facing wing.
Check out our video for a complete view of the Grovia ONE

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