frozen dinosaur dig, prepare

Frozen Dinosaur Dig

Its Summer, school holidays and dinosaurs are all the range. I’m going a little nuts. Just a little with the heat, entertaining my precious children and just finding a moment to myself. Lets try a Frozen Dinosaur Dig.

I saw the idea of a dinosaur dig on Pinterest. It looked easy to do. Which I am always frozen dinosaur dig, readyup for!!

Here is my attempt at a Frozen Dinosaur Dig for my boys.

To prepare the dig, here is what we did.

– Chose two to three large bowls or containers to use.
– The boys went and chose five items they would like to dig for. They included Lego, dinosaurs and leaves.
– Place a few items in the bottom of each bowl and fill with water to just frozen dinosaur dig, preparecover. Freeze
– Repeat the above step until the bowls are full. Add food dye to each layer if you wish.
– Once frozen, remove from freezer. Allow to defrost and to slide out of the bowl into a larger container, the lawn or a safe ‘digging’ area.


We let the boys determine which implements they would use. Knives were off limits, of course. You may need to help them get started. Make sure your digging containers are water proof, as you dont want water leaking out.
If its a warm day, take them outside and let the sun melt the ice.

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HAPPY frozen dinosaur dig, outsideDIGGING.

Please share your digging adventures below.

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