Flats, Prefolds and Special Needs: Perfect Combination

What a privilege it was to author a blog for OzBabyTrends in 2014 on the use of flats and prefolds for special needs children. Here are my reasons why I prefer cloth nappies for special needs, than the huge disposable ones.

Caring for Abbey means I must find some really crazy options to deal with it and her needs. Cloth nappies are just one of the things that make life a bit easier for us.
About 3 years ago we found there were bigger nappies available, like Baby Beehinds and Issy Bear. We tried quite a few but the best by far were flats and prefolds, with an awesome double gusset cover, like Bumboo or Pikapu. Why are they so awesome for special needs?
1) They are easy to fold and place in a cover for a child who is 8 years old. That’s a big nappy to wrangle onto a child.
2) Older children wee alot in one go, so a prefold against the skin allows the moisture to be absorbed straight away.
3) Special needs kids also have issues with their bowels, using a prefold or flat, its easier to clean due to the flat surface. Nappies with lots of inserts or bits makes it harder to clean. I dont have time for that!
4) They are easier to wash and clean. I dont have time for more fiddly things when being the primary care for Abbey.
5) They save us so much money. Each child is provided with 4 disposable changes a day from the Government. Thats not enough for any child, let along one with special needs.
The use of prefolds has allowed us the freedom of choosing which nappying option is best for Abbey at any given time. It saves us from buying more big nappies, which cost a fortune. And they are just more comfortable for Abbey which shows in her ability to sit soundly in her chair or sleep when not in disposables.
Oh the other most fabulous advantage of the cloth nappy is Abbey does not rustle when moving and her ‘pants’ look nicer as well. More dignity for my little girl.
cloth nappy doctor chat soon

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